Latest Indonesian Cinema Movies 2022

Cinema movies 2022
Cinema movies 2022

Latest Indonesian Cinema Movies 2022

Indonesia will always provide interesting stories in the world of cinema. So it seems that there are a lot of films that are shown every year and even Indonesia itself often holds the Indonesian Film Festival or what is often referred to as FFI. Of course, the directors don’t just choose the players to act out a scene. So you don’t need to hesitate if you want to watch films from Indonesia itself. Because there are so many Indonesian film titles that you need to watch, various genres will appear. So that you don’t run out of tickets to watch at the cinema, you can order them far in advance before the event will start. latest indonesian cinema movies 2022

Watching movies in the cinema is of course the first film that has never been shown anywhere, so those of you who like to watch the latest films don’t miss it. Here are the films that will be showing in your favorite cinema, along with their synopsis

Cinta Subuh

Carparkinggames – The film Cinta Subuh will be aired on May 19, 2022. In the film Cinta Subuh there are lots of great actors who will play in the film. Where there is Cut Meyriska, Dinda Hauw, Rey Mbayang, Roger Danuarta, Rano Karno and others. The story of the film Cinta Subuh belongs to the religious genre. Where this film will also tell about a love triangle where there is Rey Mshadow as Angga, Dinda Hauw as Ratih and Roger Danuarta as Arya Satria Negara. The film is adapted from Ali Farighi’s novel.

Cinta subuh
fun movies can be enjoyed by anyone//Cinta subuh

2.The Doll 3

The Doll 3 film will be released on May 26, 2022. The actors who will play in The Doll 3 are Winky Wiryawan, Jessica Mila and Sara Wijayanto. The Doll 3 is a sequel to The Doll and The Doll 2, but this time The Doll 3 will be the closing film. The Doll 3 still tells about a scary terror, where there will be a spirit that lives in the doll.

Jessica Mila as Tara who already has a life partner, Aryan, who becomes Winky Wiryawan. Their life seems perfect, but during their new life, Tara’s family dies in an accident. After this the scary story will begin.

3.Srimulat: Impossible Hill

In cinema films, there are not only romance films, but in this film there will be a story about the journey of a comedian group. The comedy group Srimulat itself has existed since 1980, who doesn’t know the comedian group. It seems that almost everyone often watches the comedy group, even now there are still many who know and know the players from Srimulat very well. But of course in the film Srimulat: Hil Mustahal the actors who will play are Ibn Jamil, Teuku Rifnu Wikana, Morgan Oey and others. The film will also premiere on May 19, 2022.

Each – each film that will be shown in the cinema has its own advantages. You can watch everything in turns, because it will air on different days. Not all Indonesian films have the same genre, therefore Indonesian films have good value for film lovers.

So that you don’t miss watching a movie at the cinema, make sure you have recorded the date. Because the first film in theaters will be difficult to find anywhere. Even though it’s still a pandemic, cinemas are still open, maybe the seats are a little different. Obey health protocols when going to watch movies in cinemas, so that you are calmer.