Rich with a game that has a mysterious musical sound that will make you scared and can’t think of anything else. To get to know this game you can look for it on novomatic. A game that will show the power of a powerful wizard can give you an unexpected victory.

This 5 reel game has a spooky game atmosphere with a game background full of moonlit forests. To win the game you have to prepare steps to win. Only 20 steps you can win the game rich with. This type of win with a combination will provide great opportunities for gamers.

Victory symbol

Carparkinggames – Each game symbol has a different value and number of wins. Playing the game you must first know the game symbols that will give you coins such as: photos of witches, broomsticks, black cats, crows, cauldrons, books, materials for making magic and remy cards [A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9].

If gamers get 3 photos of the same witch woman then the photo will turn into a black shadow illuminated by the moon at night. This will make gamers get unexpected winning values ​​in rich with games. The witch woman became the sign of the wild.

beautiful witch ready to give victory//Sihir

Exams and free spins

Wild which can replace all game symbols except the cauldron. The cauldron becomes a scatter sign in the rich witch game. The cauldron sign is only present on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds and getting 3 cauldrons will activate the free spins. There are 13 free spins that are ready to be used to get the victory from the game symbol.

In this game we see there is a large cauldron that is ready to be used by magicians. Each cauldron stew requires several strong ingredients to make a great potion. But it’s not as easy as gamers think. Because wizards will give a test and see if gamers deserve the potion or not.

Mission of the magician

Gamers must be patient in experiencing the mission of the wizard. Because magicians will not give potions to just anyone. To receive a drug from a magician, gamers must be able to guess what kind of drug mixture is commonly used and must be able to guess its form and function correctly.

If you succeed in guessing it, gamers will not only get medicine but will also get lots of gold coins from beautiful witches. Eyes filled with green make gamers goosebumps and fear, right? But the gaze will not change gamers because wizards only give gamers a test.

Great potion

The type of potion that gamers must get is a magical plant. Plants that will make you healthy, and strong. There are 3 ingredients that gamers must get: mandrake root, nightshade, and toadstool. By getting these 3 ingredients will present a bonus game. The existence of bonus games can help add value to gamers.

Each magic plant will present a game bonus. There are 7 games that can be obtained from each plant. So gamers will have the opportunity to win faster if they manage to get the contents of the magic potion. Even though it looks a little bit, actually gamers can still get bonus games again. Not all symbols give game bonuses. if true you will get a value of 100 bonus from rich witch.

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